Additional Details Released Into Fire That Destroyed Two Milford Businesses Sunday Evening

Tue 4-11-2017

(Milford)-- We have additional details into a fire Sunday evening that destroyed the Zipper's Gentleman's Club and the 2nd Hand Depot Antique Store in Milford. Milford Fire Chief Jim Carpenter tells KUOO news the cause of the blaze was accidental...Carpenter01 

"It happened outside by the dumpster area. It was just wind-driven, got shoved up into the attic of the structure for us. We got there and put a good hit on it. It looked like it was done and then all of a sudden the attic started glowing on us, and with the way the building was constructed it was actually three big buildings that were merged into one big building, and it was just moving from attic to attic and there was just no stopping it. We actually went into the 2nd Hand Depot side trying to stop it from coming across through there, and there we were met with three different ceilings, and the last one was tin. We just couldn't get into it."

And Carpenter says another factor came into play in fighting the blaze: water supply...Carpenter02 

"You know we had a lot of water moving and with the two aerials going and our trucks running. I don't know what we had for total water usage, I haven't talked to utilities yet, but it was a LOT of water. Just could not get at things. It was just such a mess."

Carpenter says they haven't been able to put a dollar amount on the loss of the two businesses...Carpenter03 

"I know 2nd Hand Depot lost a bunch of stuff; the gentleman that owned the club had just remodeled the entire place, had just put new carpet down in the place, I think he said he brought in like 11 new TV's to put up in it this week, and they were supposed to be coming to paint the building this week and put new signage up. He had re-done the entire inside of the place. He was trying to make it into a really nice establishment, and it's gone."

Thankfully no one was hurt in the fire.