Additional Commercial Exhibits Added To This Year's Clay County Fair

Wed 8-29-2018

(Spencer)-- Those attending this year's Clay County Fair will notice an increase in the number of commercial exhibitors. Jeremy Parsons, the fair's General Manager, tells KUOO news it's the result of some reconfigurations that have been made to some on-the-grounds parking lots...CCF Additional Exhibitors 

"We feel pretty strongly that when you come to the fair there should be a lot to see, not just parking lots. So this year on the east end of the grounds, especially, we've added all sorts of space for commercial vendors. For those listeners of KUOO and all those stations you know exactly where the studio is and now it's kind of in a cul de sac surrounded by a lot of model homes. Just some really big changes to the east end of the grounds to bring more vendors to the fair which should give our fairgoers more things to look at."

Parsons says it also has allowed for a new free entertainment stage that will be located on the southeast corner of the fairgrounds, near Gate C.