A Project To Extend Fiber Optic Service To Homes & Businesses In Lake Park Is About To Get Underway

Mon 5-3-2021

(Lake Park)-- A local internet service provider is embarking on a major project in Lake Park. Adam Nelson of Iowa Great Lakes Teleconnect says they'll be installing fiber optic cable to homes and businesses they serve there...Adam Nelson 

"This will offer higher speeds to people in the city limits of Lake Park. And then those resources that we currently are using within the city of Lake Park are available to our customers in the country. So our service overall will expand in the Lake Park area."

The work will be done in phases, with the first involving installation of underground fiber cables. Nelson says the second phase will involve extending the fiber optic cable to homes and businesses...Adam Nelson02 

"We're going to be sending a couple guys around town as we get into the areas where we're going to be doing the construction and if we can we'd like to be able to get in to houses as we approach them and find out the best location to put the box on the side of the house and where the equipment will go inside of the house. But other than that there's nothing customers will have to do."

Anyone with questions or wanting more information should call 800-281-1072.