A Number Of Street Light Poles In Spirit Lake Are Being Taken Down Due To Corrosion Concerns

Mon 4-15-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- A number of street light poles in Spirit Lake are being taken down out of concern they could collapse due to corrosion. City officials say two of them collapsed in strong wind last week. 

City Attorney/Adminstrator Gregg Owens says a testing company will be in town Wednesday to begin testing and examining the poles. In the meantime, he says city crews are examining and removing poles in danger of collapsing. That's on the city's west side, extending from just west of the Wal-Mart intersection on the south side of the road. Owens says poles on the north side of Highway 9 in that same area are also being examined. 

There are about 280 of those 30 foot poles throughout the city. Most of them are located along Highways 9 and 71, Highway 71 south and Sunner Avenue.