A Northwest Iowa City Issues A Special Advisory As Concerns Mount Over Ongoing Drought And Dropping Water Levels

Thu 6-10-2021

(Sheldon)-- Worsening drought conditions and dropping water levels have caused one northwest Iowa city to issue a special advisory to its residents.

The city of Sheldon has issued a “water watch” that will be in effect until further notice.

City officials say water usage has soared to record levels in recent days and the ongoing drought conditions are affecting their wells, keeping them from recharging at a high rate.

Under a water watch, Sheldon residents are encouraged to limit all nonessential uses of water in order to conserve. No watering of lawns, shrubs, or gardens between 8:00 am and 8:30 pm; no water should be used to fill private swimming pools, children's wading pools, reflecting pools or any other outdoor pool or pond; no water should be used to wash streets, parking lots, driveway, sidewalks or building exteriors; and no water should be used for nonessential cleaning of commercial and industrial equipment, machinery and interior spaces.