A Longstanding Holiday Event In Spencer Won't Be Held This Year; Changes Being Made To Others

Wed 11-18-2020

(Spencer)-- A longstanding holiday event in Spencer won't be taking place this year. Nancy Naeve of Spencer MainStreet says they've canceled the Grand Meander for this year...Nancy Naeve02 

"Well first our board was talking about it and we thought, you know, initially before the Governor had made her last mitigation efforts we thought we could do it, it's outside. But as the cases continue to rise in Clay county and especially in Spencer, we just, the executive committee of the Mainstreet Board just did not think it was a viable option to make sure everybody was safe. Plus this is an image event, it's a longstanding tradition, it's been going on longer than Spencer MainStreet's existed and that was in 1987. So, you know, a lot of thought did go into this. Because it is an image thing, we don't want it to reflect negatively on anything that Spencer MainStreet does and all the local restaurants and stores and shops that we represent. So, and because there's so many kids and organizations involved, that we just didn't think we could make sure that everybody was wearing a mask outside because I think people still think, you know, when you're outside you don't have to. But if you're in big groups of people, and Grand Meander brings big groups of people, we just didn't think it was responsible of us to do."

Naeve says Spencer MainStreet will still be doing a food drive the night the Grand Meander would have been taking place...Nancy Naeve03 

"I'll be outside the Masonic Temple. They're going to their homemade pie and soup supper but they are also modifying there's. They're going to do a to go order so people can just drive by, they'll hand it to them in their cars. I'm going to do the same thing. When you pull up to get your soup or pie or even if you're not getting that, I will take any of those food items, put them in a box, and then take them to Upper Des Moines. So we still want to do something for the community that helps the community. So we're going to do our Grand Meander Food Drive outside the Masonic Temple on what would have been Grand Meander December 7th from 5:00 to 7:00."

Naeve says they'll be helping out with another holiday event as well in Spencer...Nancy Naeve04 

"The Way Station was going to do a toy giveaway when Santa lit the tree, the Tree of Joy, and instead they are pivoting to December 10th at 4:15 for an hour. They're going to give away food bags with a fun surprise for the kids on the front porch of the Way Station and that's right across the street from the Methodist Church on West 4th Street. So they've been hearing from a lot of kids that they just aren't having enough food at home and it just goes back to that whole food drive thing. So they're going to be doing that on December 10th from 4:15 until 5:15 and we're going to help promote that as well."

Some changes are also being made this year to the Festival of Trees in Spencer. We'll have details on that later.