A Familiar Face Is Departing The Spirit Lake Chamber Of Commerce

Thu 2-4-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- Nancy Vierkant has announced she's stepped down from her position at the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce...Nancy Vierkant01 

"I greatly enjoyed working at the Chamber. Obviously I have a passion for the area and helping promote our community and our businesses. But as you know I also am a realtor with Exit Realty Midwest and I just decided I'm going to focus on helping people find their dream and vacation homes in our wonderful community."

Vierkant says she's excited about returning to that venture, but she adds there's a lot she's going to miss about her job at the Chamber...Nancy Vierkant02 

"Well I thoroughly enjoyed really getting to know the members. We have seen tremendous growth over the past few years and the impact that we've been able to make for our members and the community as far as new events and gaining new members and having a thriving downtown and supportive community has just been so great over the past few years. I'm really going to miss all of those events and being that person that they talk to and walking into the businesses and really making a difference and helping drive business through their doors."

Vierkant adds she's very optimistic about the future direction of the organization...Nancy Vierkant03 

"The board of directors will be meeting next week to discuss the direction for the replacement of the position. I'm excited to see. You know I hope they have great growth over the next few years just like we've seen and, you know, I want to thank everyone from the local community and want to encourage everyone to continue to shop local and support our local community. I'll take away many great memories and am proud of all the accomplishments that we've made, but I'm not going anywhere. So they're going to see me around but this time it's going to be as an active member of our community with a passion for Spirit Lake."

Vierkant has been with the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce about three years.

Blain Andera oversees both the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce as President and CEO.

Nancy Vierkant