A Decision On Whether Or Not 2020 Clay County Fair Will Be Held To Be Made In July

Thu 6-11-2020

(Spencer)-- Wednesday's announcement that the Iowa State Fair is being canceled has many people wondering about the status of the Clay County Fair coming up in September. Clay County Fair General Manager Jeremy Parsons tells KUOO news that as of now, atleast, the event is still on...Parsons04 

"Well you know our world hasn't really changed since the first of May. We are still full speed ahead planning for the 2020 Clay County Fair, and we'll be making a decision if we will have a fair or not really in July. You know fairs are all about the uniqueness of where they're located and what time of year they are and for us the uniqueness of Spencer Iowa and fact that we're in mid-September gives us a little longer timeframe to make the decision than for instance our counterparts at the Iowa State Fair."

Parsons says so far the lineup of grandstand events and concerts hasn't been affected...Parsons05 

"All of our scheduled acts are still planning to be here in September. We still have very high renewals on all of our commercial vendors and we've opened up our livestock entry system, so again, we're planning ahead but also we are fully aware that there's going to have to be some decisions made in July. One of those decisions might be whether or not to have a fair but at the least will be decisions on how the fair will be different in 2020 because of COVID-19."

Parsons adds they're still working on what the fair would like if the decision is made to go ahead with it...Parsons06 

"Obviously you know there has to be some creative thought making put in place. Social distancing and the Clay County Fair are not two phrases that go well together. So you know there's got to be some things we look at and that's really the charge right now for our full time staff and our excellent board of directors and all of our volunteer superintendents beginning some meetings here on putting a plan together on how that fair might look with again a decision in July."

Parsons says they're keeping a very close eye on how things are going with the tourism season in the Iowa Great Lakes in conjunction with COVID-19.

This year's Clay County Fair is scheduled to run September 12th through the 20th.