A Close Call Friday When A Man Falls Through The Ice In The Triboji Beach Area

Mon 12-30-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- Two cousins are credited with saving the life of a man who fell through the ice Friday afternoon in the Triboji Beach area.

16-year-old Riley Rockman and 15-year-old Gannon Rockman happened to be ice fishing nearby. Gannon told news partner KTIV they happened to hear calls for help coming from nearby...Ice Close Call01 (1) 

"All of a sudden we hear 'help, help, help' and we were kind of nervous at first. And then we looked over and there was guy with his cats. They were underneath the water, and we ran over there."

Riley Rockman then sprung into action...Ice Close Call02 (1) 

"I went on the lake and tried to help him out. I got on my knees and pulled him out and I got his carriage of cats and pulled them out."

Gannon explains the actions he took...Ice Close Call03 

"I ran back to the truck and I got the blanket out of the truck and I got our ice heater."

Gannon adds the whole experience seemed surreal...Ice Close Call04 

"It just didn't seem like it would ever happen. Ice fishing, that's like the scariest thing I can think of when I ice fish. So when it happened, at first I'm like 'this is really happening' and we just had to do it pretty much."

Paramedics arrived on the scene a short time later and checked the man over.