5th District Dickinson Co. Supervisor Pam Jordan Announces She Won't Be Seeking Another Term

Tue 3-3-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors will have a new face on it after the first year. District five Supervisor Pam Jordan announced today (Tues.) she will not be seeking another term and will be stepping down at the end of the year. She says she and her husband Mike plan to do more traveling and want to spend more time with their family...Jordan stepping down01 

"My husband and I were happy enough to be grandparents for the first time in 2018 and both of the grandchildren live in the south, Atlanta and Dallas, and so we know that we would like to be traveling to those spots within the next five years, so more frequently than we can. My husband is still working as well so he's probably looking at retirement about the same time, so that was really the precipitating decision."

Jordan says over her 18 years on the board the biggest issue and accomplishment was passing the bond issue and construction of the new courthouse...Jordan stepping down02 

"I am the last one of the original board that had Mardi Allen, Wayne Northey, Paul Johnson and Dave Gottsche who successfully pushed for the bond issue to build a new courthouse. Many other groups before us had done the groundwork and looked at different options and it was our decision to come up with a brand new option which was to tear the old one down, which wasn't entirely popular, and put a new, modern facility in its place and we had to do that in stages, of course, because we had to maintain business while we were doing this."

Jordan says cyber security, courthouse maintenance and I-T to advance e-government, courthouse safety, trails and the nature center are other areas she worked hard on.

Jordan adds there's a lot she's going to miss about no longer being on the board, especially when it comes to the interaction with her colleagues, her constituents, and the courthouse staff...Jordan stepping down03 

"One of the greatest things that I got satisfaction out of is in any business, Steve, if you can hire the very best people, then the job as manager is much easier and I've been very thankful to hire such high quality people in the county and the courthouse setting that we had jurisdiction to hire."

Jordan says a lot of challenges lie ahead for Dickinson county, especially when it comes to planning for future growth...Jordan stepping down04 

"And a lot of that will be dictated by utility placement and access to services. So we're in the very early processes of re-visiting our comprehensive plan. That's something that I'll miss, but I'll probably participate as a citizen. But that really needs to be done as soon as possible."

Jordan says she isn't endorsing anyone as of now, but she says she's been in communication with several people who have expressed interest in running for the position.

(Photo archived from 2019)