50 MPH Plus Wind Saturday Wreaks Havoc With Boats, Hoists And Docks On Iowa Great Lakes

Mon 5-2-2016 []

(Wahpeton)-- Lakeshore property owners in the Iowa Great Lakes are out today (Mon.) surveying damage from Saturday’s wind storm. Winds gusting at time in excess of 50 mph tore through the area Saturday afternoon. The large waves, combined with the high water levels, caused extensive damage to boats, hoists and docks. Steve Reighard, a Conservation Officer with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says the damage was fairly widespread...Wind Storm01     

Reighard says there are some things people need to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning up the damage...Wind Storm02     

Reighhard also offers this advice...Wind Storm03    

Reighhard says there have been close calls in the past, including one this past Saturday where that nearly happened...Wind Storm04     

Officials say it’s a good idea to pay close attention to forecasts and to double check boats and hoists in advance of an arriving storm to make sure they’re as secure as possible.