4th Annual Winter Games Benefit January 26th

Mon 1-23-2017 575 Highway 71 S Arnolds Park,IA

(Arnolds Park)-Jason's 4th Annual Winter Games Benefit for the Dickinson County Food Bank will be held on Thursday evening, January 26.   KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

4th Annual Winter Games Benefit January 26 

The 4th Annual Winter Games Benefit will be held on Thursday evening.

Organizer Jason Grinnen says the benefit will help area families in need.  "We're doing this for the food pantry here for Upper Des Moines Opportunity here in Spirit Lake, and it helps so many people.  There's 3600 individuals and 1800 families that use the food pantry, and I just think that it's my way of giving back to the community.  It's something that's really gonna help people that need it."

He adds that he'll kick off the event with live music.  "I'll do probably about an hour or hour and a half show, and then we're going to have a live auction.  We've got a lot of live auction items that have come into Chaplin's, and things are still able to be dropped off, in fact, throughout the whole Winter Games weekend, people can drop off donations.  All that will go to Upper Des Moines, everything goes to Upper Des Moines.  Free will donation, they can drop off a check or cash, or whichever works.  Cash is very important for Upper Des Moines, because then they can buy things like toothpaste and toothbrushes, things like that.  Something that the food pantry goes through a lot of." 

The Benefit will kick off at 6 o'clock Thursday evening at Chaplins in Arnolds Park.

To donate monetarily or with a live auction item,  contact Jason Grinnen 712-330-2112

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