4th Annual Team Amy Run in Estherville Saturday

Wed 5-7-2014

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Friends and family of Amy Jensen will host their Fourth Annual Team Amy event on Saturday, with this year's theme, Empowered to be Courageous.
Amy's sister Jill Gifford:

"She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16, really big into sports, and having some struggles with her leg and they finally found a tumor in her leg and diagnosed her with osteosarcoma, it's a bone cancer.
She ended up battling cancer for about 3 years and never really caught a break and never really did get to go back into running and sports.
She was such an amazing person and a role model to so many people and she just kept going, never gave up and she never was afraid of anything and just had the best spirit."

She notes that various levels of participation are available:

"There's a 10K, which is a run, it's 6.2 miles.  There's a 5K, which is 3.1 miles.  A lot of people run that or walk it.  There's a 1 mile walk/talk and then there's a 1 mile children's fun run.  So, several different events that you can choose from."

The run will begin in downtown Estherville, and as Gifford notes, proceeds from the event will be used toward community members in need:

"All of our proceeds go to individuals or families in need in the community.  We've donated to several people with cancer in the area, family difficulties, accidents that happen. 
And, people can suggest situations or people in need by going on our website.  There's a form they can fill out to let us know of people that might be in need in the area."

Details on Team Amy may be found on the website