2020 Clay County Fair Ordinarily Would Have Started Tomorrow (Sept. 12th), But We'll Still Be Able To Get Some Bits & Pieces Of It

Fri 9-11-2020

(Spencer)-- Ordinarily the 2020 Clay County Fair would start tomorrow (Saturday), but as we all know that won't be happening this year due to COVID-19. We will, however, still be able to get some snipets of the fair. Clay County Fair General Manager Jeremy Parsons says they'll be holding another Fair Food To Go event the entire coming week...Jeremy Parsons06 

"Fair Food To Go, actually 9:30 am to 7:00 pm starting Saturday, September 12th through next Saturday, September 19th. So if you drive by the fairgrounds you'll see five of our favorite food vendor set up there and we're looking forward to a great week. Tom Thumb donuts, funnel cakes, the list goes on and on, but everything you'll need. Again all weekend and through the week and next weekend."

Parsons says another bit of the fair, “The Clay County Exclusive”, also gets underway tomorrow (Saturday)...Jeremy Parsons07 

"And that's basically 4-H and FFA livestock competitions for Clay county youth. It's really limited attendance, I guess you could say, just because of COVID and keeping everybody safe. But yeah, many of the 4-H and FFA kids that have been working hard all year long will still have a chance to showcase those livestock projects."

Parsons says there will also be some auto racing next week...Jeremy Parsons08 

"Tuesday and Wednesday night would have normally been the two nights of racing at the Fair but we're excited to bring those. 7:15 hot laps both nights. That's September 15th and 16th. We'll have the Tri State Late Models. The only chance you'll get to see late models race here in Spencer this year. That will be Tuesday night, then regular IMCA racing on Wednesday night. Again, the food trucks will be open during that time too, so Fair Food To Go and a little bit of racing so just some bits and pieces of the Fair for you."

Parsons adds their “Fair In A Box” is also still available...Jeremy Parsons09 

"Which is kind of a subscription box that can be mailed to your home. It includes a limited addition t-shirt and lots of other fair things. Some great coupons from vendors. Go to our website, to find out about Fair In A Box, also to see all of the menus for all of the items that will be at Fair Food To Go."

Parsons adds the events will help make up atleast a small portion of the 75 percent of the revenue they'll be losing out on as a result of this year's Clay County Fair being cancelled...Jeremy Parsons10 

"Which is three million dollars roughly. And what do we do with the money from the Fair? What we do is what we do every year. You use it to repair and maintain and fix up the 260 acre fairgrounds which is the private property of the Fair Association. Then we use that money then to put on next year's Fair and obviously there's going to be a big gap that we're going to have to fill and we kind of have a campaign underway right now called "Save The Fair" that we'll be talking more about later but really we're going to need some help from everybody to make sure that the Fair is back in 2021."

Again you can find more information at Clay County Fair-dot-com.