2016 Election Results

Tue 11-8-2016 []

Unofficial Dickinson County Election Results

Dickinson County Election Results--Part 1

Dickinson County Election Results--Part 2

Fairchild Wins District 3 Seat on Dickinson County Board Of Supervisors

Tim Fairchild has been elected to the District 3 seat on the Dickinson county board of supervisors. Unofficial results from the Dickinson County Auditor's office show Fairchild with 997 votes while Shane Bush received 865.


Dickinson County Voters Approve Public Measure

Voters in rural areas of Dickinson county have approved a public measure along the board of supervisors to fill offices of township clerk and trustee by appointment as the terms of office of the incumbent township officers expire. 775 were in favor while 341 were opposed.


Swanson & Skow Elected To Clay County Board Of Supervisors; Kuester Wins County Attorney Seat

For Clay County Board of Supervisors, Randy Swanson and Joe Skow were elected to the two seats on the ballot. Swanson had 2,141 votes and Skow 2,053. The other vote getter, Mike Wilson, had 1,690.

For County Attorney, Kristi Kuester defeated John Greer. Kuester received 2,513 votes while Greer had 1,296.


Emmet County Election Results:

(Estherville)-- Tim Schumacher, Bev Juhl and Roger Hash were elected to three seats on the Emmet County Board of Supervisors in Tuesday's election. Schumacher had 2,520 votes, Juhl 2,498 and Hash received 2,316. Two others vying for the seats, John Skrepak and John Brickner, received 1,965 and 1,658 votes, respectfully.

For County Auditor, Amy Sathoff defeated Amy Brickner, 2,934 to 1,668.

Elected to the Emmet County Ag Extension Council were Trevor Enerson with 2,486 votes; Cody Newgard with 2,363; Bruce Chrestiansen with 2,285; Betsy Ulrich with 2,242 and Greg Delm with 2,172. Another person who was running, Beto Hernandez, received 1,220 votes.


Faulstick & Graettinger Elected To Palo Alto County Board Of Supervisors

(Emmetsburg)-- Two seats on the Palo Alto County Board of Supervisors were up for election Tuesday. Roger Faulstick was the winter of the District 3 seat, defeating Edward Noonan 586 to 332. In District 4, Ronald Graettinger defeated Richard Prior 582 to 253.


Vandehoef, Helmers & Jones Elected To Osceola County Board Of Supervisors

(Sibley)-- Three seats were on the ballot Tuesday for the Osceola County Board of Supervisors.

In District 2, Jayson Vandehoef defeated Grant Sixta 348 to 270.

Jerry Helmers defeated Phil Bootsma for the district 4 seat, 429 to 217.

And for the district 6 seat, Ed Jones defeated Merlin Sandersfeld 353 to 257.